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Ph 0800 882 884
Ph 0800 882 884
Reciprocating Pulley
Arm Sling
Multi Fit Back Support
Hand Grips - Squeezer
Pedi Roller
Massage Balls - Orange
Double Strap Ankle Support
Ice Bag
Tens Machine Consumables
Dumbells - 2.5kg
Massage Balls - Blue
Thermometer - Ear
Air Putty - Purple
Air Putty - Pink
Wheat Bags
Hot / Cold Packs
Soft Foam Collar
Thermometer - Forehead
Massage Oil
Pedal Exerciser
Anti Flamme Heat Rub
Bathroom Scales
Tens Machine
Therma Strap Neck Support
Therma Strap Knee Support
Massage Balls - 2 Pack
Nebuliser Consumables
Therma Strap Back Support
First Aid Kits
Hand Exerciser
Blood Pressure Monitor
We now accept vouchers from the Cerebal Palsy Societies 'Get This & That!' programme
Dumbells - 3kg
reciprocating pulley
pedal exerciser
hot cold gel pack
hot cold wheat bag
soft foam collar neck collar cervical collar
arm sling
mulit fit back support
therma strap neck support
therma strap knee support
therma strap back support
double support ankle support
anti flamme heat rub
blood pressure monitor
tens Machine
ear thermometer
forehead thermometer
nebulizer consumables
digital bathroom scales
massage ball blue
massage ball orange
massage balls 2 pack
hand grips squeezer
hand exerciser
air putty purple
air putty pink
super stretcher
dumbells 2.5kg
dumbells 3kg
tens machine consumables
first aid kits
massage oil
ice bag
pedi roller
Super Stretcher