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Ph 0800 882 884
Goodgrip Can Opener Standard
Goodgrip Can Opener Smooth Edge
Goodgrip Whisk
Goodgrip Meat Tenderizer
Goodgrip Flexible Turner
Goodgrip Measuring Cups
Goodgrip Y Peeler
Featherlite Cutlery
Goodgrip Asian Turner
Goodgrip Julienne Peeler
Wide Handled Cutlery
Knife / Fork Combo
Goodgrip Potato Masher
Goodgrip Measuring Spoons
Goodgrip Garlic Press
Goodgrip Scissors
Goodgrip Icecream Scoop
Goodgrip Apple Corer and Slicer
Tenura Jar Opener
Goodgrip Jar Opener
Goodgrip Hand Mixer
Comfort Grip Cutlery Set
Goodgrip Spatula
Goodgrip Swivel Peeler
Goodgrip Cheese Slicer
Goodgrip Lemon Zester
Suction Grip Vegetable Brush
Utensil Foam Handle Tubeing
Strap On Utensil Holder
Scoop Plate
Vegetable Spike Board
Buttering Board
Bib / Clothing Protector
Plate Food Bumper
Non-Slip Table Mat
Ceramic Double Handled Mug
Bib Clips / Holder
Double Handled Mug
Drinking Cup (Straws not Supplied)
Convalescent Non-Spill Cup
Manoy Beaker Cup
Drinking Straws
Kettle Tipper
Tipping Kettle
Weighted Cutlery
Long Handled Dust Pan and Broom Set
Talking Kitchen Scales
One Touch Jar Opener
Combination Preperation Board with Knife
Automatic Can Opener
Cool Touch Mugs
Cool Touch Egg Poacher
Thermo Mugs
Goodgrip Graters
Cool Touch Dinner Plate
Cool Touch Dish
Multi Opener
Goodgrip Ladle
Pizza Cutter
Vertical Handled Knife
Goodgrip Chopper
Top Lock
First Aid Kits
Kitchen Trolly
We now accept vouchers from the Cerebal Palsy Societies 'Get This & That!' programme
jarkey jar lid opener
cankey can lid opener
multigrip medicine bottle opener
spinoff soft drink bottle opener
jar opener
good grip jar lid opener
good grip can opener
good grip can opener smooth edge
good grip swivel peeler
good grip y peeler
good grip lemon zester
good grip julienne peeler
good grip garlic press
good grip hand mixer
good grip chopper
good grip whisk
good grip measuring cups
good grip measuring spoons
good grip meat tenderizer
good grip cheese slicer
good grip scissors
good grip ice cream scoop
good grip ice apple corer and slicer
good grip potato masher
good grip tongs
good grip silicone spatula
good grip asian turner
Goodgrip Tongs
good grip flexible turner
good grip ladle
comfort grip cutlery
wide handled cutlery
wide handled cutlery
wide handled cutlery
strap on utnesil holder
utensil foam handle tubing
suction backed vegetable cleaning brush
vegetable spike board
one touch automatic can opener
one touch jar opener
multi opener
good grip grater
good grip grater
good grip egg poacher
pizza cutter
weighted cutlery
knife fork combo
featherlite cutlery
buttering board
scoop plate
dycem non slip table mat
plate food bumper
double handled mug with lid
manoy beaker cup
convalescent non spill cup with lid
drinking cup with straw
kettle tipper
tipping kettle
long handled dust pan and broom set
long handled dust pan and broom set
talking kitchen scales
top lock
kitchen trolley
bib clips bib holder
clothing protector bib
acrylic drinking straws
cool touch mugs
cool touch mugs
ceramic double handled mug
cool touch dinner plate
cool touch dish
thermo mugs
combination preperation board with knife
vertical handled knife
first aid kits