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Ph 0800 882 884
Ph 0800 882 884
Fingernail Clippers
Doff n donner cone
For 'loading and unloading' the Doff n donner
Vitility Sock Aid
Shoe Horn Metal 600mm
Reacher - Reversible 650mm
Toenail Scisors
Dressing Stick
Leg Lifter
Toe Washer - Twin Pad
Foot Scrub
Long Handled Hair Brush
Reacher - Standard 815mm
Shoe Horn Plastic 780mm
Reacher - Folding 650mm
Reacher - Folding 815mm
Long Handled Comb
Stocking Aid - Double
Stocking / Sock Aid - Single
Sock / Stocking Aid - Terry Towel Covered
Digital Bathroom Scales
Long Handled Back Brush with Massager
Chiropody Pliers
Doff n donner
Apply and remove compression stockings
Reacher  - Standard 650mm
Magnification Mirrors with Suction Cups 5x and 10x
Tablet Splitter
Tablet Crusher
Magnifier with Light
Book Reader - Bean Bag
Book Reader - Pop up Cookbook Reader
Limb Protector - Lite
Limb Protector - Padded
Sammons-Preston Sock Aid
Pill Popper
Soxezy Sock Aid
Shoe Horn / Reacher Combo
Full Page Magnifing Sheet
Hobby Magnifier
Button Hook & Zip Pull
Toe Washer
Reacher - Reversible 815mm
Manicare Tweezers
We now accept vouchers from the Cerebal Palsy Societies 'Get This & That!' programme
long handled toenail scissors
fingernail clippers
chiropody pliers
stocking aid, sock aid
stocking aid, sock aid
stocking aid, sock aid, terry cloth
vitility sock aid
sammons preston sock aid
soxezy sock aid
button hook with zipper hook
dressing stick with zipper hook
manicare tweezers
magnification mirrors with suction cups
leg Lifter
Shoe Horn Metal with Spring 600mm
shoe horn metal with spring end 600mm
shoe horn metal 600mm
shoe horn plastic 780mm
reacher with shoe horn
reacher 650mm
reacher 815mm
reacher light grip 650mm
Reacher - Light Grip 650mm
reacher light grip 815mm
Reacher - Light Grip 815mm
reacher reversible claw 650mm
reacher reversible claw 815mm
reacher folding 650mm
reacher folding 815mm
long handled comb
long handled hair brush
long handled back brush
Long Handled Back Brush
long handled back brush with massager
long handled back sponge
easy grip back brush
Easy Grip Back Brush
toe washer
foot scrub with pumice
limb protector
digital bathroom scales
ear thermometer
forehead thermometer
elastic shoe laces
tube master
tablet splitter
tablet crusher
pill popper
medication organiser
full page magnifier
hobby magnifier
book reader pop up cook book holder
book reader bean bag
double tread slipper socks
magnifier with light
elastic pigtail shoe laces
limb protectoer padded
medication timer
Long Handled Sponge
Digital Ear Thermometer
Elastic Shoe Laces
Elastic Pigtail Shoe Laces
Medication Organiser
Medication Timer
Double Tread Slipper Socks - Slip Resistant
Digital Forehead Thermometer
toe washer twin pad
doff n donner cone
doff n donner