Frequently asked Questions

Why are there so many different mobility scooters?
There are many mobility scooters on the market today - in one brand there may be as many as fifteen different models ranging from small indoors ones to large footpath mobility scooters.  They all feel different to ride, have different range, weight capacities, controls and function.  You need to try a selection to see what one suits your particular need.  One size does not fit all!

Do I have to charge my mobility scooter after each ride or can I wait until the battery gauge reads empty?
It is important you recharge your mobility scooters batteries after each ride - even if you have not travelled far.  The batteries do not like to be left partially or fully discharged and will shorten their life.  Always charge your batteries in accordance with the manufactures recommendations.

Is it ok to leave my mobility scooter plugged into the battery charger all the time?
No.  If you are using your mobility scooter at least 3 times a week it is ok to leave it on constantly.  If you are only using it once a week or less then you need to unplug the charger once it is fully charged.  If it is not being used for an extended period, charge the batteries up at least once a month.  Always charge your batteries in accordance with the manufactures recommendations.

Can I ride my mobility scooter in the rain?
No.  Mobility scooters are 'splashproof' not 'waterproof'.  What this means is if you get caught in a light shower of rain  and cannot find shelter it is ok to keep riding.  If it is a downpour try to get out of the rain as soon as possible.  Your mobility scooter has electronics on it and if they get wet it could be an expensive repair.

Do I need a license to ride my mobility scooter?

Does my mobility scooter need a warrant of fitness and/or registration?

Is there laws regarding the use of a mobility scooter?
Yes.  See following link for a pdf download of New Zealand Land Transport Law regarding the use of mobility scooters.

Should I insure my mobility scooter?
Yes.  Most insurance companies will add your mobility scooter to your current home contents cover.  Make sure you value it as replacement, not what you paid for it and that it is covered for accidental damage whilst you are out and about riding it as well.

How do I clean my mobility scooter?
Use a warm, damp non abrasive cloth and some mild detergent and wipe the mobility scooter down.  Never use harsh chemical cleaners, abrasive cloths or wash the scooter with a hose.

What is the weight capacity of my mobility scooter?
All mobility scooters have a maximum weight carrying capacity or weight limit.  This can range from 70kg up to 250kg depending on the size and type of mobility scooter.  Always allow for 'luggage weight' (shopping) and weight fluctuations.  Never exceed your mobility scooters manufactures weight limit recommendations.

Does my mobility scooter need any ongoing servicing?
Whilst it is not essential to have a regular service & safety inspection it is recommended for your safety and peace of mind.  Regular servicing should increase your mobility scooters life and save on costly repairs that may have been prevented.

Am I allowed to carry passangers on my mobility scooter?
No.  Unless you have a factory double seat fitted it is not safe to carry passengers.

Can I ride my mobility scooter after having a few drinks at my local?
No.  You can be charged with using a mobility scooter whilst under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) and the mobility scooter may be confiscated.

What do I do if I have an accident on my mobility scooter?
If you have had an accident and injured somebody or damaged property you must report it to the Police wthin 48 hours.  Failure to do this may result in fines.  It is also recommended to get a mobility scooter technician to inspect your mobility scooter for any damage that could make your mobility scooter dangerous to ride.

I have a steep driveway, can I ride my mobility scooter up and down it?
Most mobility scooters have a recommended maximum safe gradient angle of 12
º.  If you are unsure ask your local mobility scooter shop to come and advise you.

How long do batteries last?
Typically three to five years but depends entirely on how they are used.  Batteries only accept so many discharge/recgarge cycles before they wear out and this can be greatly decreased if they are left flat or not charged correctly.  Always charge your batteries in accordance with the manufactures recommendations.

Do the tyres on my mobility scooter require air like a car?
Yes.  Most mobility scooter are pnuematic (air filled).  If you ride over a piece of glass or other sharp object you may get a puncture.

What pressure should I put into my mobility scooters tyres?
On the side of the tyres there is a maximum pressure reading however around 30psi seems to suit most mobility scooters.

How far can I ride my mobility scooter before the batteries go flat?
This will depend on the size and age of the batteries you have in your mobility scooter.  They could go anywhere between 10km and 70km.

What do I do if my mobility scooter breaks down or gets a puncture during my ride as I can't walk far?
It would be advisable to purchase an AA roadside assistance membership where if your mobility scooter does break down or get a puncture the AA will get you and your mobility scooter home.  They do not repair the mobility scooter but do get you home.

Is there an age limit to riding a mobility scooter?
No.  So long as you are able to safely ride and control the mobility scooter there is no age limit young or old.

My friends tell me I'm not safe when riding my mobility scooter anymore.  I feel fine, what should I do?
Contact your local mobility scooter retailer, Age Concern or Occupational Therapist and ask them for an assessment on your riding skills.  It may be that you just need some more training.

Am I allowed to ride my mobility scooter on the road?
No.  You are classed as a pedestrian and must use a footpath if one is available and useable.  If there is no footpath or it is unusable then you can use the extreme left hand side of the road.

Am I allowed to ride my mobility scooter into my favoirite shops as I cannot walk far?
Yes.  Providing there is enough room to safely operate the mobility scooter inside the shop.

Who gives way - mobility scooter riders or pedestrians?
You both give way to each other as you both have a right to the footpath.

I cannot afford a mobility scooter but need one.  I have heard you can apply for funding - how do I do this?
You should call into your local mobility scooter retailer and they can inform you of all the grant and funding options available in your area.

Some mobility scooters pass mine at speed.  Is there a speed limit for mobility scooters?
Unless a local council has a by law there is no speed limit.  However, the law states you must not ride at a speed that endangers others.  Always travel at the same speed as those surrounding you.