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Addictaball 100 Challenge

Addictaball 100 Challenge

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Addictaball 100 Challenge

Addictaball Maze 2 - 100 stages, 13 cm diameter.

Have you got the skills?
A handheld game devoid of circuitry, sound effects and flashing lights? Well yes, Addictaball is the most unputdownable puzzley thing we've ever seen!

The concept is simple verging on downright childish, as players must twist, turn and tilt this funky transparent orb in order to guide a little metal ball through the crazy three-dimensional maze of platforms, holes and spirals suspended within.

It sounds simple but you'll be hopelessly hooked after just one go.
Oh yes, and if big isn't your thing, fear not this is a smaller travel version featuring an equally annoying but subtly different maze.

  • Suitable for ages 8-16yrs
  • An infuriating but addictive maze game
  • Rotate the spherical puzzle to guide your ball through the 3D maze
  • Numbered sections guide you around the tracks
  • Made from plastic, featuring a steel ball-bearing
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