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ByAcre Overland Daypack

ByAcre Overland Daypack

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ByAcre Overland Daypack

Whether you are going on an adventure, out exploring or just on a small excursion, the daypack is the ideal bag to store your things.

  • Functional and roomy bag for adventures and everyday essentials
  • Lightweight and practical material – easy to fold and wipe clean
  • External stash pocket and tie out loops on the side
  • Daisy chains on the front, so you can attach extra gear
  • Wear- and weather resistant material on the outside, water repellent material on the bottom and on the inside. 
  • Easy to attach to and detach from the rollator, easy to carry and can be used when not on the rollator.

Our black, sporty Daypack is both practical and stylish, designed to fit all that you need for any daily excursion or small adventure. With a spacious inside, external stash pockets, tie out loops and daisy chains on the outside, it’s easy to fit all your belongings and to hook on all the extra gear you might need for your adventure. 

The Daypack can be used on both the Overland and the Ultralight. (Note that the Daypack is black - much darker than some of the other Ultralight accessories and finishes which are light grey).

With its small, hideable, attachment hooks on both sides, it is very easy to attach and detach to the rollator. The elastics on the back of the bag attaches to the cross on the rollator, making sure the bag is kept firmly in place no matter which bumps you might encounter along the way.  With the soft carry-handles, the bag easily turns into a perfect all-around bag whilst off the rollator,
The bag is accessorized with side pockets to keep some items more close to hand, as well as tie out loops. This is perfect for more bulky items such as water bottles - or whatever else is either too large or too bulky to fit inside. 
It is made out of a lightweight, wear- and weather resistant material, with a water repellant layer on the bottom and on the inside. This makes it sturdy and tolerant for every situation and keeps what’s carried inside safe and dry. The bottom of the bag is firm, which lets it stand up-right on its own. Still it is easy to fold and store when not in use, and easy to clean - you just need to use a wet cloth. 

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