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Cocoon Lift Chair

Cocoon Lift Chair

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Cocoon Lift Chair

The Cocoon Lift Recliner Chair - Single Power - Generation 2 is the ultimate lift chair for comfort and functionality. Exquisitely soft, the Cocoon relieves pressure points and offers superior pressure care by immersing the whole body in the quilt. 

Excellent for maintaining autonomy as it lifts to the required position and with its multiple movement functions including moveable arms and pressure relieving points.

As this chair has one motor only, it means that the back support and the footrest work synchronised, so while you recline the chair, the footrest will lift up at the same moment.

The removable, breathable and waterproof quilt set enables easy cleaning.

It is the ultimate lift chair for comfort and functionality, perfect for use in Aged Care, Healthcare, Hospitals, Healthcare Centres, Day Stay Clinics and other associated facilities.

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