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Cutlery Kings Modular

Cutlery Kings Modular

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Kings Modular Angled Cutlery

A range similar to the standard Kings Modular Cutlery utensils but with angled blades for those with limited wrist or arm movement. The knife is straight. Forks and spoons have left and right handed versions at 40 degree angles. The angled adaptor adds extra length and a 30 degree angle to any utensil in the Kings Cutlery range.

  • This range allows over 400 individual cutlery items to be made from 32 modular items
  • The range covers: standard, angled and specialised utensils; built up, slim, contoured, lightweight and heavyweight handles; and a double ended facility to create special utensils for one handed eating or to provide an inconspicuous hand strap
  • The 18 utensils, angled extension, 13 handles and hand strap are completely integrated
  • All items are hygienic, non corroding and dishwasher safe
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