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Dycem Place Mat

Dycem Place Mat

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Dycem Blue Non-Slip Mat

The Dycem Non-Slip Mat can be used on trays and tables and carts to prevent plates and cups from sliding. 

Dycem is the most effective patented non-slip material that is sticky, but grips on both sides. This non-slip mat helps to prevent items from moving on dry, slippery surfaces. Use it under a mixing bowl or chopping board to hold them firmly in place for people with the use of one hand. This rectangle mat can stabilize a range of items, such as telephones, calculators or writing paper, notepads, games and other items.

People with limited grip or mobility will find it helpful when writing, drawing, painting, playing a game or doing a puzzle. Dycem Non-Slip Mat Small Rectangle Features:Helps reduce the risk of spilling and accidents.Can be used under just about anything.Will not let items on smooth surfaces slip or slide.

Hand wash, warm soapy water. Dry before using - not effective when wet.

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