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Jar Opener Mighty Lever

Jar Opener Mighty Lever

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Mighty Lever Jar Opener

  • Makes it easier to open jars and bottles, can be used effectively with a hand that has poor grasp due to limited range of motion or muscle strength
  • Mighty Lever Jar Opener has a ring that tightens on a lid to provide extra grip and a handle for leverage
  • Designed for jar and bottle lids measuring 3/4″ to 4-1/2″ in diameter, stainless steel band
  • Flexible, stainless steel ring fits around a lid and then clamps tight using the screw at the end of the handle, which can be used as a lever
  • Latex free gripping aid can be used to increased grasp around cylindrical objects, open jars or bottles, or prevent hand from slipping
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