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Maxi Belt Transfer Support

Maxi Belt Transfer Support

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Maxi Belt Transfer Support

This high-quality, padded belt gives added back support. Comes with non-slip on the inside for improved grip. Simple buckle reduces skin shear and friction.

Available in three sizes

  • Small 150mm wide x 700mm - 1010mm long
  • Meduim 150mm wide x 850mm - 1200mm long
  • Large 150mm wide x 1100mm - 1450mm long

Important Safety Information
•     Please ensure the belt is the correct size for the client.
•     Please ensure that the belt is appropriate to use for the client and their condition.
•     If there are any signs of fatigue or damage to the belt, stop using immediately and consult
Cubro for further instructions.
•     This Maxi Belt is not designed to replace the need of mechanical patient lifting equipment
and it is recommended that all safe manual handling policies are adhered to.
•     Do not tumble dry as this may damage the slip resistant material on the belt.
Care and maintenance
•     Every time before it is used, check the belt for signs of tearing or fraying.
•     Carefully examine the seams to ensure all stitching is intact. Check the buckle and tri-glide for
signs of cracks or other damage.
•     If any materials look damaged or heavily frayed, take the belt out of service immediately.
•     Do not use a moving and handling belt if it is still damp after cleaning.
•     The client must be able to provide the majority of
standing effort. A moving and handling belt is an aid to
control movement and stability, not a lifting device.
•     Do not use a moving and handling belt to lift a client.
•     If you find yourself supporting a load of more than a
bag of groceries (10kg), assist the client to a safe sitting
position as quickly as possible.
•     If a client trips or falls during walking you must be able
to let go of the belt and not become involved in the fall
as this could lead to both parties being injured. Do not fit
your hands or wrists through the control loops.
•     If in doubt about any moving and handling procedure

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