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Mini Vibrating Massager

Mini Vibrating Massager

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Mini Vibrating Massager

This is a compact but powerful massager.

  • Included are three natural silicone heads for concentrated massage of specific areas. 
  • Cap can be left on for massage over larger areas. 
  • Battery operated massager vibrates at approximately 5500 cycles per minute.
  • Battery included (size C)
  • Includes a 90 day warranty

The massager is great for a concentrated scar massage after surgery. It’s easy to use on areas like the hands and feet. The massage helps break up scar tissue making the scar less visible and reducing its sensitivity to touch. This can also improve your range of motion.

Three heads are included with the Mini Massager. Choose between the flat, circular head, the rounded head, and the pointed tip for specific areas or leave the cap on for larger areas. 

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