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Pen Again Twist n Write Pencils 2 Pack

Pen Again Twist n Write Pencils 2 Pack

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Twist n Write Pencil 2 pack Pencil

Designed specifically for a child’s hand.

  • The unique Y design where the index finger cradles onto a comfortable surface allows the hand not to have to grip the pencil and actually encourages the fingers into the correct tripod grasp.
  • This reduces tension and stress throughout the fingers, hand and wrist.
  • Now write longer with greater ease.
  • Tension-free writing with a “No Grip” design
  • Works for “Righties” and “Lefties”
  • Retractable and refillable
  • Unique pencil design provides the ideal grip for maximum control and consistency while reducing stress on the hand. Twist n Write makes writing comfortable and FUN! Never need sharpening!
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