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Stealth Tru Comfort SPP

Stealth Tru Comfort SPP

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Stealth Tru Comfort SPP


  •  Deepcontoured base provides maximal pelvic stability, lower extremity support, and surface contact area
  • Sub-trochanter support to increase lateral stability.
  • Maintains alignment of the femurs medially and laterally
  • Anti-thrust component provides a pre-ischial shelf to promote pelvic positioning. Abductor and adductor components create troughing to promote lower extremity positioning
  • Toplayer of viscoelastic memory foam provides optimal comfort and protection through immersive properties
  • Coolcore is the standard cushion cover material that has proven temperature and moisture control. Additional zippered pockets on side of cushion


Weight capacity: 204kg

Product weight: 18.5kg

Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm x 114mm


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