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Ultra Cane

Ultra Cane

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Ultra Cane

The award winning UltraCane is modelled on the traditional white cane, but with some important differences...

The UltraCane is equipped with a dual-range, narrowbeam ultrasound system that provides a 100% hazard protection envelope in front of and, uniquely, forward of the chest of the user.  Two ultrasound transducers profive range data on the closest potention hazards, such as plants, people, road signs and over-hanging branches.  This makes the UltraCane equally usable on the streets as in interior spaces.

The range data in delivered to the user by two small, button-shaped tactile viabrators mounted in the moulded hyandle of the UltraCane.

The extra information provided by the UltraCane allows the user to make decisions about obstacles in their path in advance, giving them more confidance and independence.

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